My Sister Grant Program Applications Are Now Open. 30 women entrepreneurs will be supported with 765.000 TL entrepreneurship grant.

Launched in collaboration with Habitat Association, The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and Coca-Cola Turkey as a part of the “My Sister Project”, applications for the new term of the “Grant Program”, which started in 2019, is now open. The aim of the “Grant Program” is supporting30 women entrepreneurs in the food and drink industry from 81 cities in Turkey, advertising their goods, increasing their visibility, and helping them strengthen their socioeconomic standings. 

As a part of the “My Sister Grant Program”, a total of 765.000 TL will be given to support entrepreneur women: 29 women entrepreneurs who work in the food and drink industry and currently have a business of their own will be given 25.000 TL each, and 1 woman entrepreneur will be given a special jury prize, which is 40.000 TL.

The second edition of “My Sister Grant Program”, which will take place between January-March, will have 4 stages and the application deadline is 15th of January 2021.

1st Stage

Women Entrepreneurs in the food and drink industry will be able to submit their online application by 15th of January 2021 with the certificate they receive after completing the online training on the website.

2nd Stage

Women Entrepreneurs who complete their training on will pass through an elimination process after they submit their application.

3rd Stage

On a city basis, the applicants with the highest points will be invited to the Online Grant Program Camp, which will last for 2 days and include accelerated trainings designed for women entrepreneurs.

4th Stage

During the final jury evaluation, 30 women with the highest points according to grant receiving criteria will be awarded with an entrepreneurship grant. On the last day of Grant Program Camp, there will be an online ceremony. 

Who Can Apply to the My Sister Grant Program?

  • Those who have completed their training via
  • Those who have a restaurant/diner/lokanta, a business in the food and drink industry, produce goods in the food and drink industry in one of the 81 Turkish cities,
  • Women cooperatives that serve in the food and drink industry,
  • Those who have a maximum of 5 employees (with SGK),
  • Those who only have one branch of their restaurant/diner,
  • Those who’d like to expand their business, have motivation and are open to learning,
  • Women who have a business, restaurant, small business.

My Sister Project: “My Sister Project”, which is run in collaboration between Habitat Association, The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and Coca-Cola Turkey, aim to equip women with the necessary knowledge and skills for their participation in economic life, and to help them take an active role in economic development and have awareness on entrepreneurial topics via various trainings.