Digital Festival

'Digital Festival' at the Center of Technology and the Future

Due to Covid-19, we have transferred our face-to-face activities to the online platforms. Every year, we held coordination meetings in order to develop and thank our active volunteer trainers. We organized the first of the Digital Festival event in order to improve the capacities of both our volunteer trainers and external participants and to expand their knowledge about the future. 4.200 people attended the event, which was broadcast live on Youtube, and 240 people attended the Digital Festival event during the workshops.

What Was at the Digital Festival?

Sessions: With speakers who make a difference in their field; We talked about digital topics from Digital Competencies to Future Technologies, from the Future of Artificial Intelligence to Investments in the Mobile World, and we met at the sessions where we examined our Psychological Changes in the Process of Staying Home.

Workshops: Participants gathered on Zoom platform after Youtube broadcast. Crews; They selected one of the topics Digitalization in Education, Digitalization from Business Life, Digital Security, Social Digitalization and Environmental Digitalization and worked on it. At the end of the workshop, the teams were provided to make presentations to each other. 240 participants were included in our workshop. At the end of the workshop, we ended our festival with 58 new project ideas.

Events: Quizzes, surprise messages, digital mobilizers, post-session events…

The theme of our first festival is ‘Synergy’!

Why ‘Synergy’?

We will come together with a different theme each time we meet with the Digital Festivals that we will organize as the Habitat Association Digital Transformation Program.

Synergy: The meaning of the word is actually quite compatible with a few concise words. In this context, the proverb “What does one hand have, both hands have a voice” actually characterizes the underlying situation of synergy.

Synergy is also explained as a harmonious and common force that has been created to achieve the same result. It is a summary of the synergy concept that different people make a joint effort towards the same goal. The concept of “creating synergies” occurs when people’s harmonious work is linked to a good result.


We came together to create synergy, we had fun and learned with Digital Festival!