Coding Tomorrow

About The Project

Yarını Kodlayanlar project was launched in 2016 by Habitat Association and Vodafone Turkey Foundation to lead digital transformation in Turkey and empower youth with education by disseminating coding awareness. The project aims to add 4 core values to kids “Dream, Design, Do, Share”. The project training also aims to raise kids as technology producers rather than sole consumers.

Coding Tomorrow
Who are eligible for Coding Tomorrow Project training ?
  • Scratch Coding (7-14 years old)
    Cities: 81 cities
  • Robotic Coding Training (7-14 years old)
  • Child Hackathons((7-14 years old)
  • Arduino Training (10-14 years old)
  • Artificial Intelligence focused Coding Training (14-17 years old)
    Cities: İstanbul, Ankara, Trabzon
  • The Clubhouse Network (10-17 years old)
    City: İstanbul
  • 81 cities in Turkey
Training Content
  • Scratch Coding Training
  • Robotic Coding Training
  • Child Hackathons
  • Arduino Training
  • Artificial Intelligence Training
  • The Clubhouse Network