Equalize the Future

About Project

Equalize The Future project, conducted in partnership with UNICEF and Habitat Association, aims to improve the level of communication technologies knowledge, entrepreneurial capacity, and employability of Turkish and Refugee youth between the ages 15-24 living in Turkey by increasing digital skills.

In 2021 and 2022, with free trainings to be provided in two main categories, “Digital Skills Development Program” and “Entrepreneurship Support Program”, the training program aims to support youth from 81 cities in digital technologies, entrepreneurship, and employability topics.

Since the development of digital skills is one of the biggest milestones in the entrepreneurship or employment process, it is assumed that individuals who develop their digital competencies in the digitalizing world will have more opportunities to create a livelihood for themselves. This situation provides great advantages for young people who want to take part in today’s labor market and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Within Equalize The Future project, Habitat Association is going to direct young people, jump-start or advance their careers, get ready for future job opportunities, or grow their businesses by utilizing a series of digital skill trainings.

Equalize The Future project offers a variety of free trainings in two main categories (Digital Skills Development Program and Entrepreneurship Support Program).

Within the Digital Skills Development Program, awareness trainings such as Blockchain Literacy and Design Thinking, software specialization trainings such as Python, Unity, UI/UX, and Career Planning trainings are implemented. In addition, within the Entrepreneurship Support Program; There are events such as the GenU Youth Challenge, Acceleration Program, and Demo Day.

Participants who complete the courses within the scope of the project are given a certificate of achievement.

Equalize the Future
Target Groups

Turkish and Refugee youth between the ages of 15-24 living in Turkey

Project Partners

Habitat Association, UNICEF

Implementation Period
June 2021 – Continuing

Digital Skills Development Program, Entrepreneurship Support Program

Project Cities

81 Cities