Manage Your Future

About The Project

Habitat and Experian Turkey built a partnership for Manage Your Future Now project. The project purposes to improve financial risk management skills of young people in Turkey. Within this purpose, Habitat is organizing the trainings with volunteer trainers to create awareness about responsible borrowing, risk avoidance and credit score. In total more than 22,000 young people with education university seminar held in conjunction with peer education and Experian experts organized by volunteer instructors in Turkey were delivered. It is aimed to inform the youth in the field of credit risk, expand the conscious borrowing system among the youth, budget management and planning, effectively manage the relations of the young / women entrepreneurs and SME owners with the banks and other actors in the financial sector and enable them in risk management. It is aimed to contribute to sustainable development by raising awareness of young people with these topics.

Manage Your Future
Target Group
  • University students aged 18 – 30
  • University Clup Members
  • Youth NGO Members
  • Entrepreneur Candidate Youth
  • Youth Councils Members
  • Young Graduates
  • Youth Working in the Public and Private Sectors
Project Management Board
  • Habitat Association
  • Experian Turkey
Application Period

2012 – (Still continiue)

  • What is the credit?
  • What are the kinds of credit?
  • The facilities of credit system
  • Conscient usage of credit
  • Actors in financial system
  • Regulations of credit system
  • What is the credit score?
  • What are the dimensions of credit score?
  • Risk Management

81 cities in Turkey

Current Status
156 Volunteer Trainers

21 425 Participants

Date of Update: 15.11.2018