I Can Manage My Money

About The Project

“I Can Manage My Money” project started by raising awareness of young people about creating a healthy financial future and contributing to sustainable development.

Financial literacy segments were included in the project for “Entrepreneurs, Farmers, Blue Collar Employees, Women’s Cooperatives and Retirees” by enhancing the target audience desired to be reached in the following years.

I Can Manage My Money project was brought to life in the December of 2009, with the involvement of UNDP, Habitat Association, Visa Turkey, and 30 member banks. This Project goal is to make the budget of the personal financial resources of individuals living in Turkey and aims to provide an educational opportunity for financial services to support their use.

I Can Manage My Money
Target Group
  • Financial Literacy for Individuals: High School and College Students, Young Adults
  • Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneur Candidates and Young Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Literacy for Farmers: Farmers
  • Financial Literacy for Blue-collar Workers: Blue-collar Workers
  • Financial Literacy for Women Corporation Structure: Women Corporations
  • Financial Literacy for Retireds: Retireds
Application Links
Project Management Board
  • Habitat Association
  • Visa Turkey
  • United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
Implementation Period

2009 – continues


Financial Literacy for Individuals: The history of money, Dreams and goals, Budget, Spendings, Loans, Savings and investments, Bank card, Austerity

Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs: The history of money, Entrepreneurship process, Swot analysis, Budget, Feasibility, Income-outcome chart, Cash flow chart, Funding, Resources

Financial Literacy for Farmers: Personal financial management, Keeping record, Savings, Investments, Loans, Financial service providers, Online financial management, Risk management, Financial security

Financial Literacy for Blue-collar Workers: Financial literacy, Goals, Budget, Spendings, Loans, Savings, Financial chart, Finance with kids, Financial security

Kadın Kooperatifleri İçin Finansa Okuryazarlık: The meaning of money, Psychology of Money, Budget, Loans, Financial service providers, Financial self-esteem, Financial planning, Financial resoruces

Financial Literacy for Retireds: Personal financial management, Financial mistakes, Savings, Investment, Finance with kids, Financial self-esteem, Digital banking, Digital security


81 cities in Turkey

Current Status

From October 2019;

29 Volunteer Master Trainers

2624 Volunteer Trainers

  • Financial Literacy for Individuals Training reached 143515 people.
  • Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs Training reached 9339 people.
  • Financial Literacy for Blue-collar Workers Training reached 5141 people.
  • Seminars reached 17917 people.
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