The Regional Integration Acceleration Project (RIAC) funded by the European Union aims to encourage the integration of refugees into the European labor market with an accelerated and sustainable approach. The Project consists of a total of eight partners from Germany, Denmark, Italy, and Turkey. Each partner contributes to the collective and sustainable implementation of the project, focusing on one main theme. Since 2018, Habitat Association and Asylum and Migration Research Center (IGAM) from Turkey take part in RIAC project.

Target Population

Syrian refugees between ages 18-55

Project Cities


Project Partners
  • Pro Arbeit – Kreis Offenbach – Kommunales Jobcenter
  • KIZ SINNOVA (Almanya)
  • Esbjerg Kommune (Güney Danimarka)
  • Alisei (Orta İtalya)
  • C.I.D.I.S. (Güney İtalya)
  • Habitat (Türkiye)
  • IGAM (Türkiye)
Implementation Period

2018 – 2020

Current Status

36 katılımcı

Proje Hedefi:
108 Katılımcı

32 iş hayatına katılım

Güncelleme Tarihi: 19.11.2018


1.Entrepreneurship Activities

  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Entrepreneurship Bootcamps
  • Accelerator
  • Mentoring
  • Accounting and Business Registration

2.Employment Activities

  • Job Development Training
  • Career Planning Training
  • Labor Law
  • Sector-specific Training
  • Technology Training
  • Turkish Speaking Classes

Habitat Derneği

Since 1997, Habitat works for all disadvantaged groups without discriminating against religion, language, race, gender, sexual orientation, political view in 81 cities of Turkey with its thousands of young volunteers. For all societal groups, Habitat’s work encourages building capacity, equal access for opportunities, participating in decision-making processes, increasing social and environmental awareness, developing crucial skills of our century.


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