Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women, Girls and the Host Community


The project of “Strengthening the resilience of Syrian Women, Girls and the Host Community”, funded by the European Union and implemented by Habitat Association and United Nations Womans’ Unit (UN Women), aims to improve the social cohesion and life skills of Syrian women and girls, and host communities with two main programs; life skills and social cohesion.

Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women, Girls and the Host Community
Target Population
Suriyeli Kadın ve Kız Çocuklarının ve Ev Sahibi topluluk
Project Partners
  • Habitat Derneği
  • Birleşmiş Milletler Kadın Birimi (UNWOMEN)
Implementation Period
Ağustos 2019- Haziran 2020

1.Social Cohesion Program

  • Culture Tours
  • Social Cohesion Camp

2. Life Skills Program

  • Financial Literacy Training
  • Social Finance Trainings for Children
  • Coding Training
  • Conflict Management and Social Mediation Workshops
  • Career Planning Trainings
  • Inspiration Meetings
Project Cities
İstanbul, Gaziantep, Kilis ve Şanlıurfa.

Habitat Derneği

Since 1997, Habitat works for all disadvantaged groups without discriminating against religion, language, race, gender, sexual orientation, political view in 81 cities of Turkey with its thousands of young volunteers. For all societal groups, Habitat’s work encourages building capacity, equal access for opportunities, participating in decision-making processes, increasing social and environmental awareness, developing crucial skills of our century.


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