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Screen of the Future

About the Project

The Screen of the Future Project aims to spread the concepts of digital citizenship, digital security, and digital literacy throughout the society and to help young generations acquire conscious content consumption habits. Within the scope of the project carried out in partnership with Netflix, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Turkish National Committee and Habitat Association, parent and teacher meetings are held. While the Parent Meetings aim to teach the concept of digital parenting to parents in an effective and interactive way, the Teacher Meetings focus on issues such as child development, digital balance, digital education, and law. In addition to these meetings, informative podcasts are regularly shared within the scope of the project, Netflix News Center contents are disseminated, and a Digital Security Summit is held every year. 


Screen of the Future Podcasts: 


  • Teachers 
  • Parents 
  • Children aged 8-14 years 
  • Habitat Association 
  • Netflix
  • ICC
  • Child Development 
  • Digital Balance 
  • Digital Education 
  • Law 
  • 81 cities
  • 2021 –  present