Time of Habitat


HABITAT I United Nations Conference on Human Settlements

In 1976, the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements - HABITAT I was held in Vancouver, Canada. In this meeting, the idea of establishing a specialized center within the United Nations Organization in order to contribute to the solution of urbanization and housing problems faced by countries on the development path and to provide international cooperation and coordination on settlement / housing issues was widely accepted and immediately afterwards, United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) and United Nations Commission on Human Settlements (UNCHS) were established by the UN General Assembly Resolution 32/167 dated 19 December 1977.


UN Conference on Environment and Development - Rio Earth Summit

The Action Plan titled "Agenda 21," adopted by UN member countries at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, embraced "sustainable development" as a common goal for all humanity in the 21st century. This plan outlined principles and action areas to address environmental and developmental challenges and to achieve sustainable development. Agenda 21 emerged as a fundamental outcome of the Summit.


UN Social Development Summit

The Summit brought together 117 heads of state and government committed to eradicating poverty as an ethical, social, political and economic imperative. Decisions taken at other conferences were integrated into a more coherent and holistic plan to meet basic human needs, reduce economic and social inequality and ensure sustainable livelihoods.


UN Istanbul Habitat II Conference, City Summit

Agenda 21 practices in Turkey started simultaneously with Habitat II Istanbul and were adopted by local governments. 


Youth Association for the Implementation of Habitat II and Agenda 21 Resolutions was established.

On April 11, 1997, a group of activists came together and founded the Youth Association for the Implementation of Habitat II and Agenda 21 Decisions. 


Sustainable Clean Energy Publications

Eight different booklets on Biomass, Energy Use from Past to Present, Solar Cells, Lets Know Our Sun, Solar Architecture, Geothermal Energy, Wind Energy and Hydrogen Energy were prepared. 


Turkey’s Local Agenda 21 Program Started

Turkeys Local Agenda 21 Program, an important local democratization program, generally aimed to ensure civil societys participation in decision-making mechanisms and influence local investments. By 2001, the Youth Assemblies in different cities had established a national communication network among themselves, which was transformed into the National Youth Parliament (UGP) on May 19, 2004 with the participation of 306 youth delegates from 77 provinces at a ceremony held in the ceremony hall of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.


The association took the name “Habitat and Agenda 21 Youth Association”.

In 1998, the Association changed its name to Habitat and Agenda 21 Youth Association.


UN Commission on Human Settlements

At the 1996 Istanbul Habitat II Urban Summit, efforts were initiated to prepare a Handbook for the implementation of the Habitat Agenda adopted by the member countries at the local level. The Habitat Local Action Planning Partners Handbook prepared within the framework of these studies was adopted by the member countries at the 17th Session of the UN Commission on Human Settlements held in Nairobi in May 1999.


Youth Homes and Foster Family Campaign in the Earthquake Zone

The Protective Family Campaign aims to provide educational scholarships through the Protective Family to high school and university students who have lost their educational opportunities due to the earthquake disaster. The primary target group of the campaign is young people who have lost one or both of their parents in the earthquake, and thus their educational opportunities, or who have parents with low incomes such as workers or retired people, and whose already limited opportunities are no longer available due to the financial damages caused by the earthquake.


UN Millennium Development Goals

In 2000, 189 countries made a pledge to lift individuals out of extreme poverty and many other deprivations. With this pledge, eight Millennium Development Goals were set.


Socio-Economic Development Program for Southeast Anatolia Youth

The Social Development Program for Youth in Southeastern Anatolia was implemented between May 2001 and August 2006 in the Southeastern Anatolia Region on the grounds of inadequate education and vocational training opportunities, high levels of unemployment, and a lack of social and cultural activities and leisure facilities.


World Summit on Sustainable Development – Johannesburg

The implementation of Turkeys Local Agenda 21 received the Best Local Agenda 21 Implementation Award in the world.


National Youth Parliament (NYP)

The National Youth Parliament (NYP) was established under the secretariat of Habitat Association with the aim of contributing to the active participation of young people in decision-making processes and the development of a holistic youth policy in Turkey. Youth Assemblies across the country came together on May 19, 2004 and announced the establishment of the NYP at a ceremony held at the Turkish Grand National Assembly.


Design Your Future Program

The Design Your Future Program aims to disseminate the IT expertise of young volunteers to the masses through peer education, to support the personal development and capacity building of young people through online and face-to-face trainings, and to raise awareness among young people on Internet Entrepreneurship and Internet safety.


No One Left Without Computer Skills Project

The No One Left Without Computer Skills Project was launched with the aim of closing the digital divide in Turkey, increasing the computer literacy rate and supporting youth employment. The project, which aims to raise the capacities of disadvantaged young people to the standard of European youth, also aims to close the shortage of qualified personnel in the information technologies sector in Turkey.


Example of Good Practice

The Design Your Future Program was cited as an example of good practice by the United Nations Development Program in 2005.


Life Plus Project Launched

Created by the United Nations Development Program and Coca-Cola Turkey to support youth development projects across Turkey and implemented by the Youth for Habitat Association, the Life Plus Youth Fund was launched as the longest and largest international youth fund realized in cooperation with the public, civil society and private sector. 


I Want to Get Elected Campaign

The constitutional amendment to lower the age for parliamentary election from 30 to 25 was adopted through the I Want to Be Elected campaign.


Youth Association for Habitat


Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey Women Entrepreneurs Council / Young Entrepreneurs Council


I Can Manage My Money Project


Habitat Development and Governance Association


Women in Informatics Assemblies Train Each Other Women’s Movement


Habitat Association


Projects focused on coding


Socio-Economic Development Program with Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP)


Facebook Station


Local Hubs (Community Center)


GEN Turkey


GEN Campus Denizli