Become A Volunteer

Who is a Habitat Volunteer?

A Habitat Volunteer is a person who adopts the aims and principles of Habitat Association, contributes to the activities of the organization and disseminates its work. Habitat Volunteer works in coordination with project teams and Volunteer Management Department.

Types of Volunteering

Office Volunteer:
  • Facilitates activities simultaneously with project teams,
  • Contributing to project-based content update and new content creation
  • Plays a facilitating role in the work carried out and works in coordination with the relevant team
  • A person who supports the activities that take place in the office
Volunteer Trainer:
  • A person who works in coordination with the project team and disseminates trainings within the scope of the project
  • Conducting a specified number of trainings during the year
  • Participating in in-house capacity building trainings
  • The person who disseminates and supports Habitat Association’s local and national activities
Master Trainer:
  • A person who has a good command of Habitat Association trainings and workshop contents and disseminates and develops them
  • Facilitates trainings of trainers, coordination meetings and field visits
  • Be able to act in accordance with the values and policies of the organization and to guide his/her environment in this regard
  • A person who has 21st century competencies and works in coordination with project teams

How can you become a Habitat Volunteer?

There are three different ways to become a Habitat Volunteer.

1 – You can become an Office Volunteer by Contributing to Office or Remote Work

Office volunteers are people who support the relevant staff in the functioning of the projects. Office volunteers are not expected to attend training of trainers or project training meetings. Office volunteers are included in the volunteering process within the orientation program and contribute to the office or remote work with their knowledge and skills in line with the needs of the project teams.

2 – You can become a Volunteer Trainer by participating in the Training of Trainers

Habitat Association calls for volunteer trainers in certain periods within the framework of the work plan of the projects it carries out. Following the call for trainer training of the project you are interested in will be your first step for a right volunteering experience. You can read the introductory articles of the projects to determine the most suitable project for you. Your applications will be evaluated by the project teams. Depending on the results of the evaluation, applications will be accepted and participants will be invited for training. After the training process, you will be expected to work as a volunteer in the local dissemination of the project and join us as a volunteer trainer.

3 – You can become a Master Trainer by disseminating the trainings

During the volunteer trainer process, people who have successfully completed the trainer process of the project and actively support the development of the project as trainers in local, national and online environments can apply for Master Trainer at the beginning of each year. After the evaluation of the applications, you can contribute to the work of the organization as a Master Trainer.

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Become A Volunteer

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