Tiny Hands Are Coding

About The Project

The Little Hands Write Code Project was implemented to make coding education sustainable for children. The project, carried out in partnership with QNB Finansbank and Habitat Association, aims to introduce children between the ages of 8 and 12 to basic computer programming and to raise awareness of code literacy. The project, which aims to help children learn while doing/having fun through face-to-face and online training, improves not only their programming and software skills, but also their art, painting, music and storytelling skills by thinking with algorithmic logic. 

Coding training given by volunteer trainers within the scope of the project, Scratch is an independent visual programming language developed by MIT Media Labs. Scratch, where children can easily develop creative stories, animations and games, also prepares them to learn more advanced computer programming languages. Open access to all resources is possible through the minikellerkodyaziyor website, which was implemented within the scope of the project. 

Within the scope of the project, Scratch Cup is organized every year. Scratch Cup supports students aged 8-14 to develop their games developed in accordance with the competition theme through Scratch 3.0. In the Scratch Cup, which is held with a different theme every year, children bring their creativity and imagination to life as a team in accordance with the given theme. 

  • Children aged 8-12 years 
  • Habitat Association 
  • QNB Finansbank 
  • Scratch Tutorial 
  • 81 Cities 

2019 – present

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