Aware of the Future

About the Project

Aware of Future Project aims to will transformed in the focus of circular economy in the face of increasing human population and limited resources of the world.  

In the partnership with TeknoSA, Habitat Assosaciation and DCube, the project plays an important role in raising awareness of individuals on sustainability, climate change, waste and e-waste.  

Workshops about reparing and panels with greenfluencers hold with FIXFEST organized within the scope of the project. 

  • 18-30 Youth  
  • Habitat Assosacation
  • TeknoSA
  • DCube
  • Circular Economy
  • İzmir, Ankara, İstanbul, Diyarbakır, Gaziantep, Adana
  • Online: 81 Cities
  • 2023 – present