Step To The Future

About The Project

Step to the Future Project, in collaboration with the Bridge to Türkiye Fund and Habitat Association, commencing in 2023, strives to offer educational opportunities for children aged 12-16 who have been impacted by the earthquake in Malatya. The primary goals of the project are to enhance their financial and social life skills, aid in their recovery through psycho-social support group therapies and foster their development through engaging social activities. Through training programs and workshops, it is aimed to equip these youngsters with essential qualities such as self-confidence, emotional intelligence, empathy, and resilience.

Volunteers who complete the Training of Trainers program in Malatya are responsible for disseminating the content through both physical and online training sessions. This dissemination includes the application of group therapy sessions conducted by expert psychologists, focusing on psycho-social support, conflict resolution, and social mediation activities. Additionally, a wide range of social activities are organized, encompassing art therapy, ceramics, drama and rhythm workshops, storytelling sessions, and film screenings. These activities aim to facilitate improvements in children’s social behavior and foster an understanding of how their actions can impact others.

  • Children between the ages of 12-16 affected by the earthquake in Malatya.
  • Habitat Association
  • Bridge to Türkiye Fund 
  • Financial Skills Training Program
  • Social Life Skills Training Program
  • Psychosocial Support Group Therapies
  • Social activities


2023 – present

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