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Standing Next to Your Dream

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About The Project

Standing Next to Your Dream Project in collaboration with Fondation de France and Habitat Association, commenced in 2024. The project aims to contribute to the social development and enhancement of financial skills for children aged 12-16 who were affected by the earthquake in Hatay. Additionally, it aims to raise children’s awareness through local training sessions, group therapies for psychosocial support, and social activities designed to improve their soft skills.

Volunteers who undergo Training of Trainers in Hatay will be responsible for disseminating the program content, both in person and online. Expert psychologists will conduct psychosocial support, conflict resolution, and social mediation activities for children through group therapy sessions. These group therapy sessions will help foster emotional awareness, empathy, and resilience. Various social activities, with a focus on improving social behaviors, including art therapy, ceramics, drama, rhythm workshops, storytelling, and film screenings, will be organized to facilitate their learning process.


  • Children aged 12-16 affected by the earthquake in Hatay
  • Habitat Association
  • Fondation de France 
  • Financial Skills Training Program
  • Social Life Skills Training Program
  • Psychosocial Support Group Therapies
  • Social Activities
  • 2024 – present