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Artificial Intelligence Stars

Yapay Zeka Yıldızları

About The Project

Habitat Association  and Vodafone Foundation came together for the Artificial Intelligence Stars (Yapay Zeka Yıldızları) Project to be carried out in the new period with the experience of Coding Tomorrow Project in order to lead Turkey’s breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence and education dissemination process. The project, which is full of content that will enable middle school students between the ages of 11-14 to meet with artificial intelligence, to produce content on artificial intelligence with various tools, and to use artificial intelligence not only as a consumer but also as a producer, will begin to spread with volunteers in 81 provinces. With the trainings to be held in 81 provinces of Turkey with young volunteers and teachers, students will learn artificial intelligence comprehensively and will be able to develop their own projects. The project, which aims to reach 35,000 middle school students in its pilot year, will also create different areas for the development of children’s projects with global content and activities.

With Artificial Intelligence trainings and classroom workshops, students initially receive 6 hours of introductory training in artificial intelligence and see coding examples. At the end of 6 hours, students can implement voice and image recognition examples with artificial intelligence and deepen their training with the website and volunteer trainers according to their wishes. Two AI-focused hackathons, SUJ Global Hackathon and National AI Hackathon, will be organized to enable students to develop their own projects with AI and receive support. By following the educational content and course modules on the website, students will be able to deepen their knowledge and practice in areas such as artificial intelligence, Python, virtual reality after the courses. At the same time, students will work with artificial intelligence in the field of sustainability and process the Green Planet theme with technological innovations. With the Technology Classroom Network and Education Tent, artificial intelligence trainings also make an important contribution to support the dissemination of artificial intelligence trainings in various cities and remote areas in a mobile way.

We organize Artificial Intelligence Trainings with high school students and 21st Century Competencies trainings with parents. With MIT Clubhouse and CodeClub collaborations, we disseminate both different education methods and artificial intelligence education content.

What is the Clubhouse Network? The Clubhouse Network, created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has played a major role in opening technology hubs to combine technology with design learning, interest creation, networking, respect and trust building. With the Clubhouse classes opened within the scope of the Artificial Intelligence Stars project at

Habitat, it offers disadvantaged young people an ecosystem where they can work freely on technology.

  • Secondary school students between the ages of 11-14
  • High school students between the ages of 14-18
  • Teachers
  • Habitat Assocation 
  • Vodafone Foundation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • MBlock
  • Audio processing
  • Image processing
  • Green Planet
  • 81 Cities 

2024 – present