Coding Tomorrow

About The Project

The Coding Tomorrow Project, which set out to lead Turkey’s digital transformation, aims to raise awareness and competence of students aged 7-14 and 14-18 across Turkey in different fields such as coding, electronics, 3D design, robotics, cyberbullying and artificial intelligence. aims to increase With the trainings given within the scope of the project carried out in partnership with Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Association, four basic values are taught that will stimulate the imaginations of children and young people and motivate them to think creatively: Imagine, Design, Build, Share! While Scratch Education, Tinkercad Education and Cyber Bullying Education are organized for primary and secondary school students between the ages of 7-14, Artificial Intelligence Education is organized for high school students between the ages of 14-18. 21st Century Competencies Training is given for teachers who will support children and young people not only to be technology consumers but also to produce new technology and digital works. Within the scope of the project, different training methods and non-computerized coding training contents are being disseminated in cooperation with MIT Clubhouse and CodeClub. In addition to these trainings, Hackathons are organized where children and young people can develop their creativity and imagination in teams with the awareness of coding. 

Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to remove the barriers in front of children living in disadvantaged areas to access technology with 45 technology classes opened in different village schools in Turkey. In science festivals held in disadvantaged regions, training and workshops are organized where children can personally experience different technologies such as robotics, coding, 3D design and virtual reality. 

As the only representative in Turkey of The Clubhouse Network, which consists of more than 100 Clubhouses in 19 countries and helps 25,000 young people to be successful in their careers every year, within the scope of the project, it aims to offer an ecosystem where young people can work in the fields of equality, technology and inclusion. 

  • Primary and secondary school students aged 7-14 
  • High school students aged 14-18 
  • Teachers 
  • Habitat Assocation 
  • Vodafone Turkey Foundation
  • Scratch Tutorial 
  • Tinkercad Tutorial 
  • Cyber Bullying Training 
  • Arduino Tutorial 
  • Artificial Intelligence Training 
  • 21st Century Competencies Training 
  • 81 Cities 

2016 – present

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