Digital Teachers

About The Project

The Digital Teachers Project aims to help primary and secondary school teachers acquire digital competencies and digital literacy skills.

Within the scope of the project implemented with the cooperation of ING Turkey and Middle East Technical University (METU), Phase I Trainings consisting of digital citizenship and security, effective presentation preparation, creativity and visual design, critical thinking, measurement and evaluation modules are offered online to 1000 teachers each term. Given by academics. After the I. Phase Training, the teachers who are entitled to enter the first 100 among 1,000 teachers, II. Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education courses are given within the scope of Phase Training. As an output of the project, it is aimed that teachers transfer what they have learned to primary and secondary school students.


  • Primary and secondary school teachers active in public schools
  • Habitat Association 
  • Middle East Technical University (METU)
  • ING Turkey

Phase I:

  • Digital Citizenship and Security
  • Creativity and Visual Design (Infographic)
  • Creativity and Visual Design (Effective presentation preparation)
  • Creativity and Visual Design (Creating and editing videos and photos)
  • Critical Thinking and Measurement & Evaluation


Phase II:

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education
  • 81 Cities
  • 2020 – present
  • SARDIS Awards “Social Social Responsibility, Positive Social Impact” Category Silver Sardis Award 
  • Stevie International Business Awards “Social Responsibility” Category “Communication and Public Relations Campaign of the Year” Golden Stevie Award 
  • PSM Awards “Social Responsibility” Category Golden PSM Award 
  • Global Business Excellence Awards “Outstanding Community Initiative” and “Outstanding Education Service” Categories Global Business Excellence Awards 
  • TEGEP 2021 Learning and Development Awards Social Contributing Development Program Category Gold Award