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Design Your Future

About The Project

The Design Your Future Project aims to develop young people’s competencies in using information technologies by equipping them with the skills of the twenty-first century and to increase their employability by supporting them in their professional lives. The project, which was implemented with the partnership of Microsoft and Habitat Association, emerged in 2004 under the name “Those Who Know Teach Computers to Those Who Don’t Know“, in line with the vision of “Activating Young People for the Development of E-Governance in Turkey“. The project, which was named Design Your Future in 2014, has played an important role in developing digital skills and employment of hundreds of thousands of young people all over Turkey. 

  • Young people (16-30) 
  • Habitat Association
  • Microsoft
  • Digital Literacy Education 
  • Career Planning Skills Training 
  • Digital Content Production Training 
  • Digital Productivity Tools Training 
  • 81 Cities
  • 2005 –2022

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