Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Habitat Association (Habitat) continues its activities in three areas: digital transformation, inclusive and sustainable growth and entrepreneurship to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 


Under these programs, it implements projects in Turkey, neighboring countries and the European region through multi-stakeholder partnerships, facilitates information flow and interaction by following global processes, contributes to policy documents and spreads the culture of volunteerism. 



Since its establishment, Habitat aims to make a difference in its field thanks to its dynamic and young structure with new methods, innovative working models and environments. 



Establishing the necessary, qualified and desired number of human resources of Habitat Association and establishing the system of necessary and continuous training of the personnel. 



This procedure covers requesting, selecting, recruiting, orientation, necessary trainings, performance evaluation, resignation, administrative works and activities for Human Resources Management. 


In addition, this procedure also includes developing practices that protect the rights of the employee and Habitat according to the law, providing personnel and working environment in accordance with the mission, vision and values of the association, and ensuring that the people who are suitable for Habitat’s work are placed in the right position at the right time and, if necessary, changes are made. 



The Human Resources team is responsible for the execution and follow-up of this procedure. 



Determination of Personnel Needs 

  • Increased workload,
  • Newly developed projects, partnerships
  • Job departures
  • Workspace changes
  • Retirement, Death, Disability 

Job application and Selection

The personnel need arising is submitted to the HR department by the relevant project coordinator by creating a Personnel Request Form, and if the HR department finds it appropriate, it is submitted to the board of directors. 


The Executive Board evaluates the form and the recruitment process is initiated with its approval. 


Personnel suitable for the need are searched with the following methods: 

First of all, applications previously received from, if any, are evaluated. 

Applications are received from with the job application form prepared in accordance with the need. 


Suitable candidates are searched in the databases through the relevant HR websites, and those found suitable are evaluated. 


Provided that it does not contradict the principles of confidentiality, the characteristics of the personnel sought are notified to the immediate environment. 


Personnel Selection and Interview 

The applications received are screened by the relevant Project Coordinator and the eligible candidates are evaluated together with the Habitat HR team and the list of final candidates is drawn up and the candidates are called for an interview. 


As a result of the interview, the Candidate Evaluation Form is filled out and reference checks are made for the candidates who pass the screening. 


The information and list of the selected candidate(s) is submitted to the Executive Board. Following the approval of the Executive Board, the recruitment process of the relevant candidates is initiated. 


Recruitment Procedures 

The candidate who is decided to be hired is notified by the Habitat HR team that he/she has been accepted for the job, the start date and the required documents. The candidate is obliged to prepare these documents completely and deliver them to the Habitat HR team before starting work. 


The candidate who prepares his/her documents and submits them to the Habitat HR team completes the legal employment procedures and starts to work. On the same day, his/her personal file is created. 


Orientation Training 

Orientation training is given as soon as possible for the new employee to adapt to the workplace and his/her duty in a short time. 


In the orientation program, a brief introduction of Habitat Association, organizational structure, rules and working principles that employees must comply with, and issues related to the employees duty are conveyed. 


Trainings are organized on the subjects to be determined by the Habitat HR team and it is the responsibility of the Habitat HR team to ensure that the designated personnel receive these trainings. 

Personnel File 

  • Application Form 
  • Resume 
  • Health Report 
  • Residence 
  • Employment contract 
  • Declaration of employment 
  • Monthly time sheet (Filled in monthly for the duration of employment.) 

Personnel Request Form 

  • No travel barriers 
  • Completed military service or postponed for at least 3 years. 
  • Preferably fluent in English 
  • Preferably having experience in Civil Society Organization work 
  • Open to learning 
  • Self-confident 
  • Teamwork compatible

Employee Profile 

  • Compatible in teamwork,
  • Acting with a sense of justice,
  • Self-confident, 
  • Peaceful, respectful of different thoughts and beliefs, 
  • Does not discriminate gender, race, religion, language in human relations,
  • Innovative, dynamic, sensitive to social problems, idealistic.

Education status 

It varies according to the task the staff will work on. 


Performance Evaluation System  

Performance evaluation is based on the principle of setting measurable and concrete goals at a high level that can carry both the Habitat employees and the staff himself/herself forward and evaluating them objectively in periods and reporting them to the relevant unit. 


Working Hours 

Our work is between 10:00-18:00 on weekdays unless otherwise agreed. Limited to a total of 8 hours per day. 


Wage Policy & Wage system 

Habitat’s wage policy is determined by the Executive Board with a good planning to ensure that every penny to be spent in accordance with the project documents developed and as a requirement of being a Non-Governmental Organization is used correctly and in accordance with its purpose. 


Wages are evaluated in accordance with the task-based and performance evaluation system instead of individuals, as well as current market comparisons for similar positions. 


The performance evaluation system in place also supports this objective by ensuring that high and low performing employees are identified according to objective criteria and by means of rewarding systems. 


Weekends are out of working hours. However, for reasons such as project work, meetings, etc., staff working on weekends can take a day off on the following weekdays with notice. 

The number of days absent from work of the personnel who request leave without a report more than 5 times during the year is deducted from the annual leave. 


Compensation Policy 

Severance and notice pay, as regulated in the relevant articles of the Labor Law No. 4857, are paid to persons whose employment with Habitat is terminated for reasons stipulated by the law to be compensated. In the calculation of indemnities, criteria such as seniority, wages and other rights of the person, legal compensation limits are taken into consideration, again as regulated in the law.