Paramı Yönetebiliyorum Projesi Girişimciler İçin Finansal Okuryazarlık

I Can Manage My Money Project Financial Literacy Training for Entrepreneurs

As Habitat Association, we organize Financial Literacy Training for Entrepreneurs online. 

Financial Literacy Training for Entrepreneurs will be held within the scope of I Can Manage My Money Project, which aims to support entrepreneurs in managing their businesses with this principle by increasing their understanding of basic financial literacy principles. 

If you want to manage your business effectively with financial literacy principles, APPLY NOW! 


  • The concept of money and its history, 
  • Entrepreneurial process, 
  • Financial literacy, 
  • Budget, 
  • Expenditures, 
  • Emergency fund, 
  • Use of credit, 
  • Investment and savings, 
  • SWOT Analysis, 
  • Feasibility, 
  • Income – expense statement, 
  • Cash flow statement, 
  • Debts and taxes, 
  • Entrepreneurial grants and funding sources.

Who can apply? 

The training is open to entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates of all ages who want to gain knowledge in the field of financial literacy and develop themselves. 

What are the training details? 

The online training is free. The link of the training will be sent to the e-mail addresses of the participants to which they have applied and to your number as an sms. At the end of the training, participants will be given a certificate of participation. On February 8, training for Entrepreneurs will be given on February 16 for Entrepreneur candidates, and on February 23, applied excel training will be delivered. 


Training Date and Duration: 

Februaruy 8, 2023 at 16.00 

February 16, 2023 at 18:00 

February 23, 2023 at 20:00 

About the project 

I Can Manage My Money Project is a financial literacy training program that aims to support individuals across Turkey in understanding financial concepts, budgeting their personal financial resources, and using financial products and services that they may encounter throughout their lives. The project, carried out in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Habitat Association and Visa Turkey, set out in 2009 with the aim of raising awareness of young people on issues such as correct and controlled spending, savings and investment, debt management, financial rights and obligations so that they can create a healthy financial future. Developed with the participation of member banks, the project expanded the financial literacy segment in the following years by including farmers, blue collar workers, women’s cooperatives and retirees in its target audience. 

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