Habitat Association is looking for an “Executive Assistant”!

As Habitat Association, we are young, dynamic, open to personal development and communication, have the ability to represent, have no travel barrier, think creatively, innovatively, love to learn and research, reside or can reside in Kuşadası, have a Class B license and can drive actively. We are looking for a “Executive Assistant” teammate.

If you want to be a part of this team, you can send us your resume and motivation letter describing your suitability for this position until 28 February 2023 using the link below.

Required Qualifications

  • Residing or able to reside in Kusadasi,
  • Fluent in written and spoken English,
  • Have at least a bachelor’s degree
  • Prone to teamwork, problem solving and analytical thinking skills,
  • Having knowledge and experience in the field of digitalization,
  • Able to actively use social media tools,
  • Highly responsible, sensitive to time management and promised deadlines,
  • Has a Class B license and can actively drive.


  • Creating the program of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, organizing meetings and travels,
  • To follow up the meetings of the General Secretariat, Directors and in-office with the relevant Deputy Secretary General and present the meeting notes to the Chairman of the Board of Directors,
  • Participating in meetings and events with the Chairman of the Board of Directors when necessary,
  • To establish contact with people who attend meetings and/or events in particular for Habitat Association and Chairman of the Board of Directors,
  • Preparing the executive summary of the publicly available reports that may be beneficial to Habitat Association studies,
  • Preparing the information note and speech text for the events where the Chairman of the Board of Directors is a panelist or participant,
  • Relevant report, summary text, transcripts, etc. Preparing documents and storing them digitally.



When making your application, please carefully review whether you comply with the requirements and your competencies. Applications that do not comply with the relevant conditions will not be returned positively or negatively.

Do not forget to submit your resume and motivation letter for your application.

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