“Kampinova”, Designed by The Cooperation of Habitat Association

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text animation_delay=”0″]“Kampinova”, Designed by The Cooperation of Habitat Association and Kuşadası Municipality, Will Host Digital Nomads, Campers, Remote Workers, Entrepreneurs and Students

Kampinova, whose foundations were laid with the cooperation of Habitat Association and Kuşadası Municipality, centers on the energy of nature and aims to give its guests an innovative area to experience. The cooperation protokol of Kampinova was signed on December 21, 2020.

Kampinova has been realized with the cooperation of Habitat Association and Kuşadası Municipality and the slogan of “Learn, Have Fun and Renew Yourself”. In Kampinova, there will be areas for trainings, workshops, accomodation, tents, sports, rest and common work. Kampinova targets to offer a different area of experience to a wide target group consisting of campers, remote workers, students, entrepreneurs and anybody wanting to conduct activities; and at the same time, aims at being a popular meeting point for “digital nomads” who are constantly on the move in different parts of the world, work independently of time and place with physical connection to nowhere and mostly need her/his computer, mobile access and a good infrastructure of internet.

Attendees included in Kampinova will have the opportunity of participating in different trainings and activities as well as the festivals such as: Fix Fest targeting to increase sharing culture; Digital Şenlik in which various sessions, activities and workshops in digital field are organized; Change Fest organized with the purpose of raising awareness in the topics of environment and climate; Present Up where speeches concerning entrepreneurship are made; and Finfest that brings the finance sector together. In addition, the attendees included in Kampinova will benefit from several international programmes and networks that Habitat Association is in cooperation with.


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