We Came Together With The Theme of Saving at FINFEST 2

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text animation_delay=”0″]FINFEST 2 (Financial Literacy Festival), organized within the scope of the I Can Manage My Money Project, took place on February 6, 2021. At the event, second of which was organized with the theme of Save Money, there were talks on saving methods in different areas, especially financial savings. More than 9.000 people participated in the event, which was organized online because of the conditions of the pandemic and which hosted acknowledged experts. 

Within the scope of the I Can Manage My Money Project, that is conducted by the support of the cooperation of Habitat Association, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Visa Turkey and 30 member banks and e-money organizations, and with the aim of providing individuals with the opportunity  of contributing to sustainable development by raising their awareness on creating a healty financial future, FINFEST 2 was organized and the methods and suggestions of saving were talked at the festival. The event, which was organized with the purpose of raising awareness and consciousness of saving, started with “I Can Manage My Money Project Partners Video”. 

At the “Saving Methods in The New Period” session, which was moderated by Financial Awareness Programme Operations Coordinator Hasan Basri Cihan and realized with the participation of Medipol University Faculty Member Associate Professor Aysel Gündoğdu, the saving habits we formed in pandemic period, the importance of making a budget and the social impacts of individually made savings were mentioned. The guests of the “Savings Stories”session, moderated by Financial Awareness Programme Operations Coordinator Zeynep Keskin, were volunteer trainers Egemen Semih Sönmez and Ercan Turcihan. At the session, during which the trainers told their stories of meeting with the I Can Manage My Money Project, it was spoken that if people plan their budgets and change their spending habits, saving comes naturally, and at same time the change that people wish for their lives easily comes true. 

FINFEST 2 continued with the “Saving Water In Life” session held under the moderation of Financial Awareness Programme Director Hande Yavaşça. The head of TÜRSAK (Turkish Foundation of Cinema and Audiovisual Culture) and also a film producer Elif Dağdeviren was the guest of the session, during which the possibility of creating big differences when we individually make changes in our lives regarding water saving and the methods of saving were spoken about. Our event continued with the clip, that we created together with our volunteers, theming “Sing It From Your Heart”. Following the song, through which we remembered our good days, felt our longings deeply and which we sang from our hearts, the programme continued  with the “The Effect of Smart Agriculture Systems on Saving Methods” session. The guests of the session, moderated by Financial Awareness Programme Project Manager Fatih Görünü, were Boğaziçi University Department of Economics Prof. Dr. Gökhan Özertan, Antonio Carraro Sales Manager Serdar Dikbaş and Agricultural Engineer Volunteer Trainer Yakup Coşkun. During this session, about the ways that farmers can make savings in this period of drought by using smart agriculture system, how ecologically compatible agriculture will be and technology-oriented  business models for farmers were spoken. 

At the last session of Financial Literacy Festival, named “The Methods for Children’s Awareness of Saving”, together with Financial Awareness Programme Education Coordinator Elif Göknur Bal’s guest, Preschool Teacher and also Influencer Güler Işık, the topics such as benefits and methods of supporting children to create saving habits  and at this point adults’ roles were spoken about. Saying that saving is a very abstract concept and that is why it should be explained to children in pre-school period, Güler Işık stated that it is important for mothers and fathers to be role models for children.

You can access youtube broadcast of FINFEST 2 here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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